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Artist: Hawksley Workman
  Song: All The Trees Are Hers


Tabbed by: Adri Mac

Capo On 3rd Fret

C     (032010)
C/B   (x22010)
Am    (x02210)
Am7/G (302010)
F     (133211)
Gsus4 (320013)
G     (320033)
E     (022000)

C       C/B       Am
All the trees are hers
        Am7/G    F         
And the bees and furs
Gsus4       G
Not exactly hymns but hers

C       C/B       Am
All the skies are fine
        Am7/G       F
And the beasts with spurs
Gsus4       G
Not exactly wings, flutters

C C/B Am Am7/G F Gsus4 G 

C       C/B         Am
And the nights with stars
        Am7/G    F
And the cold shudders
   Gsus4         G
Precise and orderly clutters
C     C/B        Am
After quite some time
         Am7/G  F
We'll be who we were
Gsus4         G
I will certainly trust her

Amin                   Gsus4
When the time comes to die
When the time comes to die
Will we steal the truth in it?
Amin                       Gsus4
Cuz when the time comes to die
Blow the dust and close your eyes
Will we believe the truth in it?

C       C/B       Amin
All the trees are hers
         Amin7/G   F
Tall and green and worse
   Gsus4         G
To pollinate the cup butter

C     C/B  Amin
Even apple trees
       Amin7/G F
With reluctant worms
    Gsus4       G
Can satisfy her needs for sure

C       C/B     Amin
And the rhubarb burst
            Amin7/G   F
Through the dark rich earth
          Gsus4         G
Makes the sweetest intermittent purr

C           C/B    Amin
And what is fallow now
          Amin7/G F
Will come to deserve
Gsux4         G
Poetry's most lovely words