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Artist: Grandaddy
  Song: Underneath The Weeping Willow


Tabbed by: Paperthintelevision (matt [at] mikes-revenge [dot] com)

for coordination on with the song and the strumming 
pattern, watch Jason rock away here: 


you can email me for a version of the song live on mp3, too.

Jason plays a variation of hammer on picking which 
he releases the string he's playing as a chord and 
hammers it back into it's place, which creates the 
essence of the weeping willow. If you listen close 
enough it's easy to figure out.

     C    F    E    Am   G     G/F    F/e

C            F         C      E         Am
I wanna sleep... underneath the weeping willow
G                    F             Am
As it cries all night quietly...
G                 F             Am
It's tears all around me
G                    F           Am
I'll sleep here so soundly...        Until
G          F        Am  
I'm aloud finally

G          G/f                           C
              To wake..and be happy again

F       C        E         Am      G      F/e

G          G/f# G/f                            C    F   C~
                   To wake..and be happy again