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Artist: God Help The Girl
 Album: God Help The Girl
  Song: Musician, Please Take Heed


Tabbed by: mattm

Capo 1

Dm Bb F G (2x)

Bb F A Dm
Bb F A A7

D A Gm Bm
G D A Am G A

i'm all alone this is a holiday
some bloody holiday
my friends have gone away

they're of the temp-or-ary sort i think
i will be better without
as long as you let me out

to taste the air beside the river
i pick the soundtrack with immaculate care

such a lot rests upon it
my life upon a song
you don't know how much i need
musician, please take heed
i thought i might just write a letter
anything to stay away
from books and lessons today

besides, it's part of my induction
into the literate world
i am a literate girl

i string the words together softly
i lay my love upon you with each line

a gift of improvising
removes me from revising
i made a daisy chain from
phrase, verse, and punctuation

ill kick this mood off with a change of scene
i bought a leotard i'm going to the gym

i couldn't get away with wearing it all summer
but i've lost a lot of weight 
i think it's down to leaving meat
out of my diet as a rule
i wont buy it 'cause it's cruel

and if the nighttime threatens me with pain
i will give into lust
i will do what i must

i've got a number of a girl i know
who gets hallucinogens from a pair of hooligans

ill take a dose i don't mind trying
she lets me stay there while i leave the ground

i slow go off beside her
think that i'll stay 'till morning
she's got me started yawning