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Artist: Fruit Bats
 Album: Mouthfuls
  Song: Magic Hour


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com

C         F          G                     C           
I'll wait to I see a cloud shaped like the Garden State
F          G                 C       
And little stars are cars at turnpike gates
F       G          C       F    G            
And the moon is Delaware  ooh oh oh
C         F     G            C         
I'll wait, I'll wait for the magic hour
F      G               C
Go and find myself the biggest tree
F      G                  C      F   G
Cut it down and count the rings  ooh oh oh

Time was once
When there was rustling in the reeds
A                 E              G
Tiny tumbleweeds, pigeons on the porch
And there were dumb love fallers
A               E               G
Carpet crawlers spinning in the deck

repeat chorus

repeat verse 1

C        F        G           C
I'll wait for the magic hour, I will wait
 F          G              C
I made this song because I made mistakes
   F       G           C
And I will always love you (repeat line)

Lyrics by Eric Johnson (Fourteen with a Beard Music/BMI) and Gillian Lisee (Jiffy Maid Music/BMI)