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Artist: The Flaming Lips
  Song: Waitin' For a Superman


 Album: The Soft Bulletin
Artist: The Flaming Lips

These are the chords as I figured them out. 
In parentheses are the chords if playing
with capo 1.

F(8): x 8 10 10 10 8
E(7): x 7 9 9 9 7

Intro: Bb Cm F D# Dm Cm F(8) Bb
(Intro: A Bm E D Cm Bm E(7) A)

Bb (A)
   I asked you a question  
Cm (Bm)     F(E)           Bb (A)
   I didn't need you to reply
Bb (A)
   Is it gettin' heavy?
Cm (Bm)            F (E)
     But then I realized

D# (D)            Bb (A)
    Is it gettin' heavy?
Cm (Bm)     F (E)             D# (D)
    Well I thought it was already 
   Bb (A)       F (E)
as heavy, as can be.

Bb (A)      
   Is it overwhelming
Cm (Bm)     F (E)            Bb (A)
   To use a crane to crush a fly
Bb (Bm)  
   It's a good time for Superman
Cm (Bm)        F (E)        Bb (A)
   To lift the sun into the sky


Cm (Bm)       Dm (C#m)  D# (D)      Bb (A)
  Tell   everybody      waitin' for Superman
Cm  (Bm)           Dm (C#m)   D# (D)  Bb (A)
  That they should try to     hold on best they can
Cm  (Bm)    Dm (C#m)         D# (D)       Bb (A)
  He hasn't dropped them, forgot them, or anything
Cm  (Bm)        Dm (C#m)  D# (D)    Bb (A)
  It's just too heavy for Superman to lift.