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About to Die Tab

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Artist: Dirty Projectors
 Album: Swing Lo Magellan
  Song: About to Die

Tabbed by: thome_8

One of the strongest songs on the album, had to tab it cos it's fun to yelp to.  Lyrics 
lifted from songmeanings.net (thanks!), chords lifted from listening to the record 
(thanks!).  Sorry for any inaccuracy.  

I found it hard to decipher guitar chords for the bridge.  I advise you just double up 
the vocal line on your guitar.


Bb6	X13333
Dm6	XX0201
C	X32010
F 	133211
Dm	X00231
Em	022000
C6	X05555
C7	X32310
A7 	002020

Bb6		Dm6		C		F
Dm		F		Em		C6
Em 		C6

Bb6	Dm6       C		F          /	   
If the search has been long and futile and brutal
Dm         F		          Em        C6	
And if you squint trying to reconnect the bosom 
    Em          C6  
of your hood rum love (hey baby)

You reach out and into the absence and gasping
The vastness grabs you like an alien embrace
Your face to it's face

No end and neither beginning you're spinning
Your breathless orb but in a dark and hateful star
An evil world

Bb            C7	  F	    Dm
Where would I ever be without you?
Bb	    C7                F	        Dm	     Bb	    C7
How could I hope to seize the tablet of values and redact it?
			F	Dm
Foolish I know but I'm about to die
F	    Dm     
About to die      x2
F	    A7
About to die

Your life must surely be ending and trembling
You realize you never lived a day at all (Wait)
And it's all your fault (Wow)

It all seems unspeakably vile and while
You wretch the memory above, you understood
The vandal lies into his hood


Look there the goblins dressed up like a wound
Mutants are vagrant and hateful
Look there the mirror a zombie stands staring
Vacant and glaring pronouncing your name
As you're saying

F	   Dm
About to die

Where would I ever be without you? (No fucking clue)
How could I hope to seize the tablet of values and redact it?
Foolish I know but I'm about to die
About to die

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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