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Artist: Devendra Banhart
 Album: Rejoicing in the Hands
  Song: This Beard is for Siobhan


Tab author: colormeenthused@yahoo.com

A1:   577655
G#7?: 464574
C#m:  x46654
F#:   244322
Bm:   x24432
E:    022100
A2:   x02220




The daughter of a man was a mammal
She bore the mark of fire and of flame
Though they’re both the same
Born unto the age of the golden
Oh, that golden age of endless loss and endless gain
And, because my lips have split
All the little children
They all hide in front, in the middle, and in the behind
Now, because my nose has froze
But I can keep on smelling
I could smell my little day away
I could smell my whole day away

Now, because my teeth don’t bite
I can take ‘em out dancing
I could take my little teeth out and show them a real good time
A real good time, a good time, a real good time
good time a good time... (repeat until end)

end on A1