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Artist: Devendra Banhart
 Album: Rejoicing in the Hands
  Song: Poughkeepsie


Tab author: colormeenthused@yahoo.com

A7: 575655

intro and verses:

D-----7-----7- repeat ad nauseaum

by the banks of old poughkeepsie
my love swam with me
nature's tender bones are breathing
lungs each breath each breathes

and have you felt it
have you
i've felt it too
and so have you

summer day she stays by the window
her saggy flesh it sweeps the floor
down her steps and through her hallway
coming out her door

and have you seen it
have you
i've seen that too
and so have you

now man holds hands head neck-shaped cobweb
white oil fills each pore
again down your steps and through your hallway
jumping out your door

and have you done it
have you
i've done that too
and so have you

well love me tender vuh..vuh-viva las vegas
hound dog all shook up
heartbreak hotel lordy miss claudie
blue moon blue suede shoes

have you heard it
have you
i've heard it too
and so have you