The Body Breaks Tab

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Artist: Devendra Banhart
 Album: Rejoicing in the Hands
  Song: The Body Breaks

Tab author:

F#m: xx7679
E:   xx6657
D:   xx4435
A:   x02220



F#m                     E
the body breaks and the body is fine
    D                     A
i'm open to yours and i'm open to mine
 F#m                    E
the body aches and that ache takes it time
        D                          A
but you'll get over yours and i'll get over mine 

D                A
and the sun will shine 
D                 A
and the moon will rise

F#m                      E
the body calls yeah the body it calls out
    D                       A
it whispers at first but it ends with a shout
  F#m                    E
the body burns yeah the body burns strong
      D                     A
'til mine is with yours and mine will burn on

D              A
my flesh sings out

it sings "come put me out"

F#m                     E
the body sways like the wind on a swing
     D                        A
a bridge through a hoop or a lake through a ring
F#m                    E
the body stays then the body moves on
D				    A
i'd really rather not dwell on when yours will be gone

D               A
but within the dark 
D          A
there is a shine
D        A
one tiny spark 
D                A
that's yours and mine

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