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Balmy Night Tab

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Artist: Department of Eagles
 Album: In Ear Park
  Song: Balmy Night

Tabbed by: padriak / irkski

The original song is played on a banjo, shown here is my interpretation of the song for 
guitar. It is based on the banjo tab made by the user irkski from the finefornow.com 

Guitar is tuned to open Dmaj7:

1st    E
2nd    A 
3rd    F#
4th    D 
5th    A 
6th    D 

Capo 3

Use the same finger roll throughout the song -- let your thumb alternate between the
fifth / fourth / third string, use your forefinger also for the third string and reserve
your middle finger for the second string. The si-th and the first string are not played
in this song.

   fingerroll pattern:
E |-------------------------------------------
A |-----------9--------9--------9--------9----
D |--------------7-----------------7----------
A |-----0-------------------------------------
D |-------------------------------------------

E |-----------------------------------------
A |- --9-- --9-- ---7--- --5-- ---4--- --3--
F#|- --8-- --8-- ---6--- --5-- ---5--- --0--
D |- --7-- --5-- ---5--- --5-- ---5--- --0--
A |- --0-- --5-- ---5--- --5-- ---4--- --3--
D |-----------------------------------------
       F*   G9   D#add9/F  Bb   D9aug5  Ab5 

E |------------------------------------------
A |---2-- --1-- --0-- --7-- --9-- --8-- --5--
F#|---0-- --0-- --0-- --5-- --7-- --6-- --3--
D |---0-- --0-- --0-- --5-- --7-- --6-- --4--
A |---2-- --1-- --0-- --7-- --9-- --8-- --5--
D |------------------------------------------
     Dm   Faug    F(v.2) Gm     Am  Abm   F(v.3)

(the chord names could be the wrong names, i'm not so certain)

intro (repeat twice):

F*  F*  G9  D#add9/F  Bb  Bb  D9aug5  D9aug5

between the Bb and the D9aug5:
E |-------------
A |-------5--5--
D |-------------
A |---5h7--5--4-
D |-------------

and after the second D9aug5:
E |-----------------
A |-----------------
D |-----------------
A |---4-5-7---5-4---
D |-----------------

between the Ab5 and the Dm, walk-up like so:
E |-----------
A |----3--3---
D |-----------
A |--0--1--2--
D |-----------

    Ab5            Dm     Faug   Dm   Ab5
       by yellow light

             Dm     Faug Dm   Ab5
    this balmy night's too long

              Faug   Dm   Ab5
    my broken record

              Dm   Faug   Dm   Ab5
    is always on

              Dm     Faug Dm   Ab5
    my yellow light's too low

              Faug   Dm   F(v.2)
    my broken record

between the Bb and the Gm, walk-up like so:
E |---------
A |----5--5-
D |---------
A |--5--6--7
D |---------

the walk-down from Am to F(v.2) (just pluck the three strings simultaneously):
E |----------------------
A |--9--8--7--5--5h7----5
D |----------------------
A |--9--8--7--5--5----5--
D |----------------------

    F(v.2)                 Bb               Gm             Am   Abm   Gm   Bb   
    my father              told me          that never to  run

    F(v.3)                 Bb               Gm             Am   Abm   Gm   Bb  
    there're things coming after me         i'm all ready  gone

    F(v.3)                 Bb               Gm             Am   Abm   Gm
    out through the        park or through  through my backyard
for the last bit just keep walking up and down from Bb/Gm to Am, clawhammer-style, like so:
E |-----------------------------------
A |-----------9----------7------------
D |-----------7----------5------------
A |--5h7-8-9--9---9-8-7--7-------5h7--
D |-----------------------------------

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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