Stay Away Tab

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Artist: Delta Spirit
  Song: Stay Away

Tabbed by: Erik S.

(album: I Think I Found It! EP)

  A                         Amaj7
Temper those eyes, I cannot take what you hide

             Cm   Bm                     E                 E7
Your love is some kind of disguise, the truth youíve been masking

     A                            Amaj7
Oh, itís just a fling, your voice shook like a ring

                Cm       Bm
Our heart has divided, I did not decide,

                               E                E7
you took without asking, the truth youíve been masking, oh

A Ė Amaj7  Bm      A-Amaj7  Bm      E              A
Staa-ay   away, staaa-ay   away, I mourn for you still

Amaj7-Cm-Bm     E     E7
(no words)

A ĖAmaj7  Bm      A-Amaj7  Bm
Staa-ay  away, staaa-ay   away,

    E             A     Amaj7   Bm
I mourn for you still

    E             A     Amaj7   Bm
I mourn for you still,

    E             A....
I mourn for you still....

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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