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Artist: Delta Spirit
 Album: Ode To Sunshine
  Song: Bleeding Bells


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com

C                   G
There's no place to lay dead
     Am      F     C
When I can't stay awake
    C                G
The growth I need is fettered with fear
   Am        F     C
My heels dug in my place

Keep your heart
Am        F       C
Clasped into your hands
Your family just
      Am      F            C
Knows half of where you've been

    C                G
The indian summer is better than nothing
Am           F     C
Burn the sun in my skin
C                 G
Bleeding bells of inner guilt
   Am     F        C
Salvation rays are thin

I say to myself
          Am   F    C
You don't need any--one
This world is fucked
     Am     F      C
Just as you have become

  C                    G
I stand as a man who's seen many things
   Am        F       C
My youth has made me strong
  C                      G
I see the fraught of the words I have said
    Am          F    C
Got nothing for any--one

The words that I speak
    Am       F        C
Are like the clinging hell
The songs that I sing
     Am     F       C
Been poisoning your well

G  Am  F  C x2

Hands in my pockets and down on my knees
  Am      F       C
I beg for will to change
     C                    G
I've spun around from the wheel that I'm in
       Am        F      C
In one week I'll be the same