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Artist: Delgados
 Album: The Great Eastern
  Song: American Trilogy


Chords Used

C/B (basically just a walkdown)

I became accoustomed to a kind of social servitude

and no-one, I mean no-one, could accept what I have become

Selfish, bitter, weak

Enough to make you sick

And lately, I've been feeling, there are bits of life I'm stealing

C (C/B) F
Get me home

Verse 2
At times it seems I will not help
but it's just that I must save myself
From fear that blankets me like mist
on an optimist who insists
it's the simple things that crush
and im crying far too much
so much so that i'm thinking
my control on life is shrinking


there's a light on in my head

and i'm thinking what i said

All the freedom in my brain

F C (C/B) F x4
I'm alright now, i'm just thinking what to say

Verse 3

Sorry dosen't seem to wash
when there's truths around that I have quashed
and no-one, I mean no-one, can depress me more than I can
So does that make me weak, or should that make me sick
but lately, i've been feeling, that i'm gonna give up breathing

Chorus 2
There's a light on in my head
and i'm thinking what I said
all the fever in my brain
i'm alright now I can even take the pain

Repeat Chorus 2

No-one can depress me more than I can