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Artist: The Decemberists
  Song: Like A Lion

Tabbed by: marrog

Firstly an enormous debt is owed to the anonymous person who posted the tab on which 
this is based  you can see this tab at:
I've changed enough of the words and chords that it seemed worth posting this

Secondly, any changes I've made are only made through listening extra carefully to the 
track  thus it's entirely possible they're wrong! 'Bone' might be 'Born', but 'Bone' 
seemed more Decemberistsy, Likewise 'Worm' could be 'Whirl' or 'World'... at some 
point I just made a decision.

  Cmaj7  Gmaj7 Em    Gmaj7add3	       C         D

Apologies in advance if the naming of my chords is incorrect, I'm relying on a reverse 
chord-finder I found on the internet. If someone with more musical nous than I can 
provide corrections to this or other aspects of the song, I'm happy to amend this.

Intro: Cmaj7  Gmaj7  Em  C x2

Cmaj7    Gmaj7
How it delighted
Em                C
Bone so black and cold
Cmaj7   Gmaj7
And tired
Like yours
Like yours

Cmaj7     Gmaj7
How it delighted us
Em         Gmaj7add9
Hands over hands
Cmaj7     Gmaj7
Like a lion
Em      C
Like a lion

Cm                 G         Em  Emaug5  D
Still watching a worm go down
Cm               G         Em  Emaug5
Still watching it all go round
And did time stand still
til now?

Did it all stand still?

		somehow you thought it never would
#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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