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Billy Liar Tab

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Artist: The Decemberists
 Album: Her Majesty
  Song: Billy Liar

                     G            G/F#    Em
Billy Liar's got his hands in his pockets                D     A
                    A                    Em    riff:  E--2-0-----
Staring over at the neighbors, knickers down          B------3-2-
A                        Em    (riff)   D
   He's got his knickers down

So the summer is eternity for you
Sleeping in until your father's shaking you down
A                Em    (riff)
He's shaking you down

        G                     G
And the mailroom shift gets a real short shrift
       F#m                    F#m                       Em   (riff)
As you dole out the packages, no-one seems to want you around
A               Em   (riff) A  A  A  A
  All skulking around

D        Asus4/C#  G/B    A     D         A/sus4C# G/B    G G  A A
Let your legs loll on the lino, 'til your sinews   spoil
D        Asus4/C#  G/B      A           D         Asus4/C#  G/B
Will you stay here    for a while, dear, 'til the rad   -   io,
      Em                        A              D D D
Plays something familiar, plays something familiar

               G  G/F#  Em       A             Em (riff)      Em      (riff)   D
All a-drifting, he's a no good boy, oh
Sent a-fishing for a whalebone corset frame
His only catch all day

So he sits and lets the current take him
A gentle breeze will leave his pants in disarray
And at his ankles laid

As he drifts to sleep with a moan and a weep
He is decked by a Japanese geisha with a garland of pearls
How she twists and twirls

Let you legs loss on the lino, 'til your sinews spoil
Will you stay here for a while, dear, 'til the radio
      Em                        A
Plays something familiar, plays something familiar
      Em                        A
Plays something familiar, plays something familiar

A------------7-7--5-7-5--4-4--5-5--6-6--7-7--  (x2)

(Octave chords on A string)
G G  F# F#  E E  D E D  C# C#  D D  D# D#  E E  (repeat and fade)

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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