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Artist: Danielson
 Album: Ships
  Song: Cast It At The Setting Sail


Tabbed by: K. Finn (finnk2001@yahoo.com)

Intro: A


A           Ab       G
When life's got your goat now
A           Ab       G
By his tail and by his goat throat
A       Ab      G
Lighten up and gather
All those cares
All your snares
       D7        E
'Cause who really cares
       D7        E
'Cause who really cares

Take aim and cast em, Straight at the sail
Take time to blast em, By nailing all of your

Books of punch lists, Onto these trees exists

The unchecking of lists

Blowing up and sinking
And breaking at the seams
Our streamline of activities
Surely brings
Many things
Relation spoiling
And plans they a haunting

Take aim and cast em
Straight at the sail
Take time to blast em
And you can all tell them

That you are not lead
By worry, fear or dread
By waking up the dead

Chorus II:

So look alive
Wake up and ride on
Thrive on the downsize, Our yokes are ease

And cares a breeze, Our enemies

Our hands they feed
'Cause what controls me
Is what is killing, Me through the day

Our plans we lay, What's pappa say

Destroy gods and devils, And
fine statues of men, But
don't throw these in thee air
Or in the sea
Let them be
Thrown at the setting sail
Of sweet victory

Take aim and cast em
Straight at the sail
Take time to blast em
By nailing all of your

Instant gratis gains
Complaints of their bird brains
Remains of your distain

Chorus II

Instrumental over Chorus II chords

Chorus II