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Artist: Damien Jurado
 Album: Ghost of David
  Song: Johnny Go Riding


Tabbed by: steveogrady@hotmail.com

In standard tuning, no capo. (Though I more often play it all half a step down
but thats due more to my personal obsession with this tuning than anything else)

The whole song is essentially just (same pattern for every verse).

[Dsus2] Johnny lets go out riding to a [G] place outside of town
I [Dsus2] go there every Sunday to [G] watch the sun go down
There's [Dsus2] plenty of girls who know you, they've been [G] asking where you've been
[A]Johnny don't dissapoint them, they'd [G] all like to see you again

Willy I don't think im ready to leave this house of mine
You go out and tell them I'm not the social kind
Some men they are lovers and others the fighting type
And me I'm in the middle of choosing which one I'd like..... to be

Judy she's out catching rides in passing cars
The memories of me and her have burned out like the stars
Me I'm not dissapointed knowing that she's free
Somewhere down the line I knew she'd one day up and leave

Willy forget your troubles and lay back on the grass
There's no need to get nostalgic thinking about the past
What's gone is gone, what's here is now, she's standing by your fence
She's wearing a beautiful party dress and wanting you to dance..... hey hey.

But the real flavour of the song is in all the little runs and hammer-ons,
a lot of the time the first strum of the Dsus2 hammers on as below:


and at the end of the G (particularly in the instrumental sections)
there's often a run down on the D string something like this: