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Artist: Damien Jurado
 Album: Caught in the Trees
  Song: Gillian Was a Horse


Tabbed by: Clark Wolf (oddmenout4@yahoo.com)

Capo 2

Intro: C 

Verse 1:
It's midnight and I give up
I'm tired of lying for you
Am                                              C
I will not hold your hands and pretend I'm your lover
You must admit the turn outs
Have all been less than grand
Am                                    C
There's no more police escorts or the high school welcome bands

F           C
I'm no lie detector
F                C          G/B              Am
He's no bullshit talker and we both know who knows
     F              C        G/B         Am        F    
What should be here known to all the on-lookers


Verse 2:
Now they've put away the kissing booths
The chap-stick gossip's truth
The only donkey they'll be riding, boy, is the one wearing your shoes
Now they've heard it through the walls of telephone operators
And I found out from someone else, he said he was your brother



F                            C             G/B
I don't care if I'm the only one who's not payin'
F                             C            G
Cause honey I am done staying up all night waiting


Verse 3:
Now we're all tying the ribbons of worry to your tree
Your passing will make the headlines, but sadly no one will read
Just how the town's hopeless romantic had his heart on his sleeve
Died alone in the car-park of a local library

Chorus x2