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From: iamsillylili

LETS LEARN GUITAR (beginning) How To Pay: "Sea Of Love" by Cat Power Intro/Verse/Chorus: CEE# D CEE# D etc. (Bar Chords, Played through out whole song.) STRUM PATTERN D=down, U=up DD, DDU (REMEMBER TO PRACTICE!) *NOTE* Is there a song you'd like to learn? Let me know & I'll be sure to make a video. I love helping people, as well as playing the Acoustic Guitar is my passion. If you have any other questions, or you're having trouble, leave a comment. I'd love to improve my videos, since it is for you! - Silly Lili/Silver PS This is not my favorite song to sing because it has like an emotional attachment?? thing... i guess. So, when playing to do the "How it will sound clip", I cried. YES, I CRIED! So it sounds like I'm sick for the final clip used. But yeah. Sowwwy!

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