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Artist: Cat Power
 Album: The Greatest
  Song: Willie


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com

Intro: G  Dm  C

G          Dm         C
Willie Deadwilder and Rebecca
G              Dm             C
They knew that they loved one another
G            Dm
Gonna have a real good time
No more sad bad times
G                    Dm      C
It's all they've been waiting for
G          Dm           C
Someone to knock at that door

G          Dm               C
Willie was shot once in his mind
G           Dm            C
And his cry out saved his own life
G                  Dm
The second time was through his heart
The doctors pulled the bullet from inside
G                     Dm
He had a job to do he said
That's his way of life

G           Dm         C
Please don't bring him down
G         Dm         C
Please don't let him go
G                Dm
He's on the same side as you
     C                      G   Dm   C
He's just a little behind

G                         Dm       C
I tell you there are some people living alone
G                         Dm          C
I tell you there are some people with nowhere to go
G              Dm               C
There are some people who don't believe in love
    G          Dm                    C
But Willie and Rebecca prove 'em all wrong

G               Dm           C
A man named John wrote a song for me to sing
G                  Dm                C
And the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen
G            Dm
He is a very good man
 C                                          G
And he has been an even very good man to me
  Dm                      C  
I hope one day his song I will sing
 G                   Dm
Another love I still love
Familiar face to me
  G             Dm
A standing arch above my heart
I've never been to reach
G                     Dm
He's laid my head on the bed
And told me sweetly I am not
G                  Dm
Crazy like all the others said
C                       G    Dm    C
No he's not crazy like me

G         Dm          C
Please don't bring me down
G         Dm        C
Please don't let me go
G             Dm
My heart is a worried thing
C                         G                  Dm
Memories have now planted seeds of a field I now
Want to reap and sow
    G           Dm
I'm on the same side as you
    C               G       Dm  C
I'm just a little behind