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Artist: Cat Power
 Album: The Greatest
  Song: Could We


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com

Note: The G and C strumming is very loose. It's mostly G with a C thrown in to mimic the rhythm of the song.

Intro:  G  C (x4) Am  C

G       (C)
Could we
G          (C)
Take a walk

Could we
               Am      C
Have us a talk alone

In the afternoon

G        (C)
Could we
G        (C)
Have a seat
G      (C)
Why yes be my guest
        Am      C
You can hold my hand

What a dream
In the grass
We kissed
Fell in love too fast too soon
Love full bloom

Should we get up
Let's wake up
Let's get dressed
I'll let you walk me up the street
Back home

Thank you
It was great
let's make another date
Real soon
In the afternoon