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Artist: Camera Obscura
 Album: My Maudlin Career
  Song: Swans


Tabbed by: Logan Smith (loganws@yahoo.com)

Intro riff:


          A                 D
G-------------9--9----9-----9---7--7-----------------  (x2)

D                         A
There are flowers in my house
D                 A 
I bought them myself
D                                A
No surprises in my record collection
D                                     A
You must have thought I was someone else
Em                    A             D               Bm
I'm still afraid to get lost in a city I might explore
Em                     A              D           Bm
But I'm not afraid to have an eloquent boy at my door
       Em          A           D
At my door, at my door, at my door

D                      A
Oh, you want to be a writer
D           A
Fantastic idea
D                           A
You say you've never seen America
D                           A
I really think you'd like it there

Em                        A
Maybe you should travel with me
D                  Bm
Is this the best idea?
Em                           A
Because you've never seen a redwood
D                          Bm
And you've never touched a deer
  Em      A       D    D7  
A deer, a deer, a deer
  Em      A        D
A deer, a deer, my dear

(Repeat intro)

Em               A
Are swans deceiving us all?
    D                Bm
Oh, I for one should know
Em                        A
I've never felt myself so graceful
         D              Bm
And I've never swam so slow
   Em    A        D    D7
So slow, slow, so slow
   Em       A        D    D7
So slow, so slow, so slow
   Em       A        D
So slow, so slow, so slow

(Repeat Intro)

(End on a D chord)