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Artist: Camera Obscura
 Album: Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi
  Song: Shine Like A New Pin


Tabbed by: Logan from http://www.bowlie.com/forum/

C | F (repeat)

C           F                   C                F
Girl with a thick skin made you shine like a new pin
C           F             C                F
Why smother urges which belong under dresses?
       C                        F
Do you wish that you could only start again,
C                    F
learn to live and be pedestrian?
   C                       F
If all your wishes in the world come true
            C              F
You'd be as good as new
            C              F
You'd be as good as new

C          F                       C            F
What can I say that will make them jump to my defence?
C       F                C                F
I value honesty, i could never pretend
C            F
Crest fallen boys are boring
C                  F            C          F
I don't know which way im going anymore
  C               F
I can't be sure

C | F

F | C | F | C | F | C | G three times.

F | C ...