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Artist: Bowerbirds
 Album: Upper Air
  Song: Teeth


Tabbed by: Hunter MacDermut

Am C Em/G x2
Am F Em/G E

     Am          C   Em/G  Am
Only through the teeth of life
  C      Em/G    Am
I see my ancient figure
   F               Em/G
My hands are strong
My eyes are endless

F          C            E    Am
Oh, and my mind, is the open ocean
     F                     G      C
That swells and roils with wild invention

In migration without boundaries
My lungs are giant whales
My heart is burning

Oh, through the teeth of life
A brilliant flame in a dark time

C          Dm
Oh, in the fleeting sun
        F          Am
Oh, the wide, gold beauty
So consumed, so removed
In the far reaches
Oh, resilient life
        Am         Dm
You are strong and sure without me
        Em/G   Dm
You are boldly dismantling
Am   G    C
Oooh oooh oooh

Am C Em/G Am |
C Em/G Am    | x2
F Em/G       |
E            |

Chorus x2