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Artist: Born Ruffians
 Album: Red, Yellow and Blue
  Song: Little Garcon (ver 2)


Tabbed by: Bashu Naimi-Roy

Notes: I have seen some other chords for this song, on this site. Possibly they work. I like
 this way. It's in a different key, you can capo 2 if you want to get it up to the other tab's
 key. It is kind of a tough song for me to sing in D, though. 

In part 2, basically you can just keep moving the root note down with the C, C/B, C/A thing. 
You can actually move all the way down to C/G if you want, instead of two measures of C/A. Play 
with it.

Part 1:

C        Em       F                C
Ooooooo, Ooooooo, Oooooooo-wooo-ooooo,

G                     C
Oooo, oooowoo oowooo ooooo

C         Em      F        C
I don't care just what you do
     G                        C
As long, as long as it's with me.

C         Em      F        C
I don't care just where you go
     G                        C
As long, as long as it's with me.

(Crazy part in the middle that is actually just Part 2 chords)

Part 2:
C, C/B, C/A, Dm, G, Dm, G

     C                C/B
Well I been told, to never get old,
but the way it unfolds,
              Dm            G
I'm a little garcon in my head,
               Dm                  G
with a little fille who's stuck in bed!

Then end by clapping and yelling a lot. You can play the Part 1 chords here if you really feel like it.