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Artist: Bon Iver
 Album: For Emma, Forever Ago
  Song: Lump Sum


Tabbed by: RN

Note: not completely sure on tab and tuning, roughly based on youtube live vid .....

Tuning: DADF#Ae

Esus4: 202300
F#m7 : 402300
Eadd4: 202200

Esus4  F#m7  Esus4  Eadd4

Dmaj7sus2: 007700
Dsus2    : 007800
F#sus2   : 446544

Dmaj7sus2  Dsus2  F#sus2

Sold my cold knot
A heavy stone
Sold my red horse for a venture home
To vanish on the bow --
Settling slow

Fit it all, fit it in the doldrums
(Or so the story goes)
Color the era
Film it's historical

My mile could not
Pump the plumb
In my arbor 'till my ardor
every inner inertia lump sum

All at once
Rushing from the sub-pump
(Or so the story goes)
Balance we won't know
We will see when it gets warm