Little Black Ache Tab

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Artist: Bishop Allen
 Album: Charm School
  Song: Little Black Ache

Tabbed by: Kate from

A             E           D           E
Chasing my excuses to the end of the night
Tried to make a friend, but it ended with a fight
A             E        D            A
I don't know why and I don't know when
A       E                A
But my keys have found a way to lock me out again

Sleeping on the subway in my interview tie
Wander through the rain, sit and wonder why
A                 E       Bm            D
I haven't got a plan, I haven't got a clue
A          E                          A
I've only got one lonely thing that's gonna see me through

A                         E    D          A
I've got my little black ache (What you got?)
I've got my little black ache (What you got?)
I've got my little black ache (What you got?) 
A                E          A
My little black ache won't fade


Lovely little girl, crowded little place
I swear on this old Bible that I've never seen her face
She talks like I know what she's talking about
Somewhere there's a door that's got to let me out

Hello, sleepless soul I'm a passing on the street
Know that like me you only rest on your feet
I know I had some friends, I can almost hear their names
Now I got one lonely thing and no on left to blame

I've got my little black ache . . .

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# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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