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Artist: Beulah
 Album: When Your Heartstrings Break
  Song: Calm Go The Wild Seas


Tabbed by: sixpac_drinkur from http://www.e6townhall.com/

Everything's alright
It takes a strength beyond stregth to smile
I'm missing you like hurricanes
I give them names but their waves keep rolling
On and on and on and on
My sails are tattered, they're worn bone thin

[linking bit with 'ooooh's etc: D, A, Bm, G]

I will be the king
All I need is the comfort of a stage
Smile and take a drag
Laugh and say we're only having fun

[next link bit with wailing violins or whatever: Bm and D repeated...then ending on G, A, G, A]

I watch the winter pass
From under the umbrella you left
The winds are dying a slow death
Cut my heart out but it's still beating
On and on and on and on
My sails are tattered
They're worn bone thin

You will be the queen
You will be guilded by the sword
My prints are unique
You've been touched time and time again