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Artist: Belle & Sebastian
 Album: The Life Pursuit
  Song: Funny Little Frog


Tabbed by: Antoine Poliquin (polisson2@hotmail.com)

(BmMaj7 = x-2-0-3-3-2)

INTRO : Bm - BmMaj7 - Bm7 - E7 - G - D - G - D - B7

Em                     A
Honey lovin you is the greatest thing
        D                A
I get to be myself and I get to sing
I get to play at being irresponsible
I come home late at night and I love your soul

Em                    A
I never forget you in my prayers
F#m                      B
I never have a bad thing to report

CHORUS (play intro chords):
Youíre my picture on the wall
Youíre my vision in the hall
Youíre the one Iím talking to
When I get in from my work
You are my girl, and you donít even know it
I am livin out the life of a poet
I am the jester in the ancient court
Youíre the funny little frog in my throat

My eye sightís fading, my hearingís dim
I canít get insured for the state Iím in
Iím a danger to myself Iíve been starting fights
At the party at the club on a Saturday night
But I donít get disapproving from my girl
She gets the all highlights wrapped in pearls..

play CHORUS again

I had a conversation with you at night
Itís a little one sided but thatís allright
I tell you in the kitchen about my day
You sit on the bed in the dark changing places
With the ghost that was there before you came
Youíve come to save my life again

I donít dare to touch your hand
I donít dare to think of you
In a physical way
And I donít know how you smell
You are the cover of my magazine
Youíre my fashion tip, a living museum
Iíd pay to visit you on rainy Sundays
Iíll maybe tell you all about it someday