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Artist: Belle & Sebastian
 Album: Dear Catastrophe Waitress
  Song: I'm A Cuckoo


Tabbed by: Antoine Poliquin (polisson2@hotmail.com)

INTRO : F# - B - F# - B - F# - C# - B

Iím glad to see you
I had a funny dream
             Bbm           Abm
And you were wearing funny shoes
         Bbm        Abm
You were going to a dance
You were dressed like a punk but you are 
B         Bbm   C#    C#sus4 C#
Too young to remember

VERSE chords :
Glad to see you
Iím outside the house
Iím not thinking right today
Iíve got no energy
Iím glad that you are waiting with me
Tell me all about your day

Ebm             C#
Breaking off is misery
        B              F#
I see a wilderness for you and me
B                Bbm
Punctuated by philosophy
      C#            B
And wondering how things couldíve been

VERSE chords :
Iím happy for you
Youíve made it hard for me
I counted on your company
You are staying with your friends tonight
Iím feeling sorry for myself
I keep taking everything to be a sign

VERSE chords :
Iím happy for you
Now I know this hurt is poison
Too sharp to be bled
Iím sitting on my empty bed
On my empty bed
At night the fever grows itís pounding pounding

CHORUS chords :
Iíd rather be in Tokyo
Iíd rather listen to Thin Lizzy-oh
Watch the Sunday gang in Harajuku
Thereís something wrong with me, Iím a cuckoo


VERSE chords :
Scary moment, loviní every moment
I was high from playing shows
We lost a singer to her clothes
My trouble raised its ugly head
I was revealed
And I was home in bed
I was a kid again

VERSE chords :
Jesus told me, go after every coin 
Like it was the last in the world
And protect the wayward child
But Iím a little lost sheep
I need my Bo Peep
I know I need My Shepherd here tonight

(play CHORUS 1 again)

trumpet solo over : 

F# - B - Ab - C# - Bb - Ebm - Ebm - Ab - C#

VERSE chords :
Iíd like to see you
But really I should stay away
And let you settle down
Iíve got no claims to your crown
I was the boss of you
And I loved you
You know I loved you
Itís all over now

VERSE chords :
And I was there for you
When you were lonely
I was there when you were bad
I was there when you were sad
Now itís my time of need
Iím thinking, do I have to plead 
To get you by my side?

(play CHORUS 2 again)