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Artist: Belle & Sebastian
 Album: Dear Catastrophe Waitress
  Song: Step Into My Office, Baby


Tabbed by: Antoine Poliquin (polisson2@hotmail.com)

D6 : x-x-0-2-0-2

INTRO : E - E - A - A - G - D/F# - E - E

E             A
She called me up today
G       D/F#        E
Meet me down at the old café
E          A
I jumped into the shower
G     D/F#       E
I was getting my marching orders

D          Dsus4
We need to talk
D          Dsus4 - D - G - D/F#
Step into my office, baby
D                      F
I wanna give you the job
  C             F
A chance of overtime
     B           E
Say, my place at nine?

(verse chords)
She'd never stand for any lies
She's got an Out Tray full of guys
I could sense a breath, a whole new feeling
Now she says she wants to call a meeting

(play chorus)

      Am       D
I'm a slave to work
         G             B7               Em     A
I'm only living when I walk amongst the office staff
             D              B7
And catch up with the office wag
           E      A
I'll be in bed by nine
   B        A
My curtains drawn
My thoughts composed
  A              B
I get to work on time

(verse chords)
She gave me some dictation
But my strength is in administration
I took down all she said
I even took down her little red dress

(chorus chords)
We need to talk
Step into my office, baby
I wanna give you the job
I'm pushing for a raise
Been pushing now for days

E               A
My output is in decline
A                G     C   A
I was burned out after Thatcher
E                D6
My banner I laid down with a sigh
A                   G    C     A
Now I doubt if I'll ever catch her


(verse chords)
I've got to change my ways
Dress for business every day
A smart suit and a kipper tie
A big arrow pointing to my fly

(chorus chords)
We need to talk
Step into my office, baby
I wanna give you the job
A chance of overtime
Say, my place at nine?