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This is a video for beginners, made by a beginner, on how to play The Penalty by Beirut. It goes over the tuning, chords, strumming pattern, and the chorder of each different part of the song.

The chords, shown in the beginning of the video, are C, e/C, Em, G, and F. In the advanced version, add in Fadd9 and C(alt) as well. It's not as hard as it sounds.

Because there are a few tricky parts to the full version of the song, I also included mentions of how to play a simplified version. I think it is worth it to learn the simple version first (where the timing is really simple), and then move up the advanced version when you are comfortable enough.

For much more detail, including a complete breakdown on exactly which lyrics to switch chords, check out my post on The Penalty at

For the original chords and ukulele transcription, which this video is based off, check out the Ukulele Hunt entry:

Video Breakdown

0:00 Intro, Tuning
0:22 Chords
1:15 Strumming pattern (12 beat loop)
3:03 Strumming example
3:28 Chorder Intro
3:43 Intro: Simple version
4:49 Intro: Advanced version
6:15 First verse Part 1
7:29 First verse Part 2
7:58 Middle
8:19 Verse 2
8:51 Demonstration of Intro/Verse 1

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