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This is a tutorial video on how to play Postcards From Italy on the ukulele. It goes over the tuning, chords, hammer-ons, strumming, and timing. The song has two very distinct parts, and it switches from one part to the next in about the middle of the song.

This is a tutorial for beginners, but it is a somewhat advanced song that will take a beginner (like myself) a long time to learn and requires a lot of practice. Of course, the song is awesome and was originally played on a uke, so it's a FUN kind of practice where the better you get the more it sounds exactly like the Beirut version.

This is my entry for the play it forward ukulele video contest:

The chords, tabs, and lyrics are at

The breakdown of the video is:

0:00 - Intro
0:12 - Tuning (standard GCEA)

======== 0:21 - Part 1 ========
0:29 - Chords (F and A)
0:58 - Hammer-on (top string, second fret)
1:30 - Strumming pattern (hammer-on, pause, up, down, down, repeat)
2:25 - Timing (3 loops of hammer-on)
2:40 - top string melody (3rd fret, 2nd fret, open, 2nd fret)
3:21 - Demo of F chord strumming and melody
3:33 - Description of A chord (same as F, index finger moves up one string)
4:10 - Advice on practicing Part 1
5:30 - Part 1 Review (and, of course, some encouragement!)

======== 5:48 - Part 2 ========
5:48 - Chords (Bb add 9, F, Dm, C)
6:55 - Chorder (chord order--those four chords loop)
7:17 - Strumming pattern (up, miss, up, down, pause, up-down, up, down)

8:23 - Demonstration of each part (please excuse voice)

Enjoy playing this song, I know I do!

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