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From: ukulaladotcom

This is a tutorial for a beginner from a beginner. It is a description and demonstration of how to play one version of Nantes by Beirut on the ukulele. The credit for the ukulele adaptation of this song goes to youtuber Icefunk, who has an excellent version of himself singing this song online.

I go over the tuning, chords, timing, and strumming pattern pretty quickly, then do a demonstration of the first verse of the song. My voice does not do the song justice, but it should give a good idea of the timing.

The ukulele is tuned one semi-note sharp, so the strings are G# C# F A#. The chords involved are D#m, C#6, and F#. They are played and looped in that order, with F# played twice in the loop.

I make a few mistakes during the video when I talk about which chords are being played, but just keep in mind I always mean only those three chords listed above.

For more detail on this video and playing this song on the ukulele, check out the entry at

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