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Artist: Apples In Stereo
 Album: Fun Trick Noisemaker
  Song: Lucky Charm


Tabbed by: sixpac_drinkur from http://www.e6townhall.com/

F, G, Bb, F (x4)

F G Bb F
Just ask the folks who knew me when -
F G Bb F
they'll say Nice boy, he's always been
G Bb
well-behaved, kinda strange -
C Bb C
none of that has changed.

F G Bb F
The last we heard, he left the ground -
F G Bb F
won't turn up in the Lost & Found -
G Bb
Yes he's lost - lost in space -
C Bb C
Take a good look at his faceā

F, G, Bb, F

(She's got me in orbit)
God I love her and her lucky charms -
(She's got me in orbit)
How they jingle jangle on her arms -
(And I jingle jangle in her arms.)

It's bad enough to be alone
but locked up in the Phantom Bone
is the worst place to be -
she's the first girl that could see me -