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Green Machine Tab

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Artist: Apples In Stereo
 Album: Fun Trick Noisemaker
  Song: Green Machine

Tabbed by: sixpac_drinkur from http://www.e6townhall.com/

 E A G#m A G#m E
What happened to me? Wake me up from this dream
G#m C#m E A G#m
I want my Green Machine, don't wanna keep myself clean,
E A G#m A G#m E
Where can I go? I feel I'm running low
G#m C#m E A G#m A
a cinema show to forget what I know, to forget what I know

E Eb
Saturdays & Superfriends
A B E Eb A B
These are things that I can still remember
E Eb
Saturdays & Superfriends
A B E Eb A B
These are things I thought would last forever

No money to spend, just my best friends 
wish I could turn a bend, be with them again
on my Green Machine that wasn't a dream
some things still seem important to me, still important

E, A, G#m, B

(--These are also the chords for the following verse:--)

Summertime, the world should shine,
shine for everyone.
Days on end time to spend
underneath the sun
When you're old time's bought & sold,
Time's yours when you're young
And summer comes for everyone
underneath the sun

(--Then revert to the chords from the beginning for the next bit:--)

Something inside feels like butterflies,
I want to run & hide or take off and ride
my Green Machine, that wasn't a dream
Some things still seem important to me, so important

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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